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    The dictionary defines the word TICKER as a watch. The beer world defines a TICKER as a person that must try as many new beers as possible. This trend started with the beer rating websites BeerAdvocate and RateBeer and now includes the powerhouse beer rating app Untappd. It is essentially quantity over quality. Think Pokemon but with beer.

    I find humor in the term and that is why I have decided to use the name for a new series that I am going to do on the website. Essentially I am going to rate as many beer related things as I can but not reviewing individual beers themselves. Confused? Let’s try to walk you a bit through this.

    This idea was birthed from two different locations. First I received inspiration from a little zine I came across in Philly. It was Hot Tag Revue by Dan Nelson. It was a small, DIY zine rating different aspects of professional wrestling (championship titles, promos, different match types) but not reviewing actual matches. Nelson’s funny rants about all the things we wrestling fans commonly look past was a breath of fresh air.

    Secondly I was inspired by the podcast The Anthropocene Reviewed by John Green. In it Green constructs audio essays about certain aspects of the human world and rates them on a 5 star scale. You might not think that you can rate things such as the Indy 500, Viral Meningitis, the Taco Bell Breakfast Menu and Love at First Sight but Green doesn’t just do that he does it in a sincere, touching, funny and yet still familiar way.

    With that I have decided to start reviewing the many different aspects of the beer industry and the culture surrounding it. You won’t be seeing my reviewing things like Allagash White (a 5 star beer for sure) but instead expect reviews of Selling Out, Frosted Glasses, Cans, Beer Trading and Tipping with Cash–just to name a few.

    When I first started thinking about this I totally intended on taking the DIY, physical zine route that Dan Nelson did for Hot Tag Revue but because of time, money and even a little laziness the internet gets it instead. Plus there aren’t a terrible lot of indie art shops around West Palm Beach that would be willing to put my silly zine on consignment. Who knows, maybe I’ll do some physical copies in the future if people enjoy these rantings and ravings of a beer man.

    In the meantime, look out for my first review coming Monday!

    More of My Favorite Beer Brandings

    If there is one thing that the beer industry has the ability to make me lose sleep over it is the never dying trend of breweries ripping off other industries of their intellectual property and slapping it on a can or bottle label and claiming “inspiration” or “parody.” Okay, I probably don’t lose a lot of sleep over it but I certainly use a lot of my data texting and talking about these infuriating, lazy attempts at trying to be creative. And in the end it’s the same thing right?

    To combat this festering hatred that has built inside my gut I decided to make a post last year commending breweries that go above and beyond to create beautiful, original artwork for their brands that stands out but is absolutely, 100% theirs. These breweries exhibit an integrity that is often overlooked by other aspects of brewing. Don’t get me wrong, integrity in the quality of one’s beer is extremely important to me and, more importantly, to these breweries. But I enjoy pointing out the little things in our industry that tend to be overlooked such as TTB compliant labeling and safety. How safety is overlooked is beyond me but it seemingly is because it’s just not a “cool” topic.

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    How Beer is Affected by the Shutdown

    As of my writing this the United States government has been shutdown for 16 days. What does this have to do with beer? Considering that the Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB), which regulates and taxes alcohol from a federal level, is currently one of the offices closed by this shutdown it means a whole heaping lot.

    The TTB collects taxes from breweries every quarter based on production. This shutdown has come right at the end of the 4th quarter of the year and right when breweries are due to pay these taxes. Well, actually they are due by the 10th of January. Despite this shutdown breweries are still required to submit their quarterly production numbers and that nice check to Uncle Sam. Don’t forget it’s 2019 when filling in the date. These will just not be checked on until things are opened back up. But that’s not really the big deal here, you keep doing what you were doing. The real problem will be in other areas that the TTB oversees, licensing and label approvals.

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