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    Portland, Forget Your Diet and Just Enjoy

    I had been to Portland once before, for the Craft Brewers Conference in 2015. In that short time there I realized that Portland was not like anywhere I had ever been before. It was green, friendly and inviting all while seeming unobtainable and a tease — I wanted more. In the over 2 years since my initial visit, PDX has sat on the map tempting me, even daring me, to return. I would spend countless hours combing Google Maps and finding spot after spot with great beer selections and food that would cause late night cravings. I needed more of Portland in my life and when I planned for my long West Coast trip I could probably say that it centered around Portland.

    Portland itself provides enough food, drink and fun that one can lose themselves for weeks on end and never leave the city limits. I’m fairly certain that in Alberta alone (the neighborhood we stayed in) you could eat at a different spot for each of your 3 main meals everyday and it would take over a month to hit them all. This probably rings true for other neighborhoods as well like Downtown, Belmont, Richmond, Boise and so on. Continue reading…

    No Grunge, No Rain – A Seattle Story

    Seattle is known for a number of things; Bill Gates, grunge music, coffee, suicide and rain (lots and lots of rain).  To many, including Seattleites, you have part of the picture but the whole painting is far from complete with that claim.  The Emerald City runs on the life and soul of people that can’t be bothered by the status quo.  They having a seeming desire to be as different from the stereotypes of their fair city as possible.  For every Starbucks there is a independent roaster like Lighthouse or Cafe Lardo that tell, no demand, that their coffee is better because of the love and small, punk rock nature of their life lines.  In essence, people do their thing and don’t give a damn what you think about them.

    My six days in Seattle was a mix of walking up and down some hilly streets with the middle parts being accompanied by some of the finest food and most delicious beers that anyone with their six senses could ask for.  Couple this with low to mid 70 degree temperatures and mostly sunny skies and there is little more than a massage on Mt Rainier that could be the proverbially cherry on the top of a stay. Continue reading…

    Welcome Home to a Hurricane

    On Monday morning I returned home from a 3 week voyage that I can simply put was the time of my life.  Working my way from Seattle down to San Francisco gave me sights I had never seen before along with delectable food and delicious beer.  I had plans of writing up pieces on each of my major stops along the way (Seattle, Portland, San Francisco) and even started on one but sometimes when life happens it happens big.

    Instead of spending time writing I am spending time preparing for Hurricane Irma that is seemingly heading right for South Florida.  With that I must apologize for the delay that is inevitable with the pieces.  I will get them up as soon as I can.

    In the meantime let me wish any other South Florida friends, family, readers and followers to be safe out there.  We’ll see each other on the other side of this storm.  I mean has anyone liked the name Irma since the 40s?