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    Focus on Your Beer: A Guide to Improving Your Brand’s Beer Photos

    Your first impression of practically everything is through sight. The TV shows you watch, the food you eat and, certainly, the beer you drink are all things you decide you want to give a try because you saw something. Even if you get a fantastic word of mouth recommendation the chances are pretty high that you’re going to get online and search for the thing and take a look at it. Your brain just needs to get an idea what something looks like before it can decide if you want it or not.

    The last decade of beer has been…interesting. We’ve seen massive growth in the number of breweries operating as well as market shares. We’ve seen those sales plateau and now begin to drop. Breweries are closing at record rates. While all this doom and gloom occurs there are a number of breweries, large and small, that are remaining relevant and even increasing their sales. A lot of this is because of the presentation of their brand through social media, and specifically photos.

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    Find Me on Substack!

    It’s been a long time since we’ve seen each other here. For those of you coming across the site for the first time, HI! Also sorry for the lack of new stuff. For those long time readers that are just checking out the site for who-knows-why, HI AS WELL!

    I am posting new things again but over on Substack now. Why not here? I feel like Substack is a great platform that allows me to reach people easier than just the blog itself. It’s a really cool service and I feel I’m still learning.

    If you are so inclined please head over to my Substack, subscribe and read. I’m sending out new posts every Monday, completely free. I hope to see you over there. If not, I understand. You can always find me on Twitter and Instagram as well.


    TICKER: Coaster Collectors

    When I first got into beer I was introduced to a whole world of merchandise that I wasn’t ever aware of. Going to a beer fest and strolling up to a breweries table you are not only getting your glass filled with a beer but you may be lucky enough to have free game of a number of items of swag. Stickers are probably the most common item you will see but now coozies, bottle openers, buttons and coasters have become regulars at the brewery booth. That last one will be important later on. Of course I was taking a lot of these items. Many of them were cool and, most importantly, they were free. I didn’t need any of these little trinkets but I grabbed them anyway. Eventually I realized I didn’t use most of this stuff and gave it all away to friends or trash cans.

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