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    End of the Day Unwind – Vol 2

    It’s Mother’s Day in the good ol’ US of A and hopefully you either saw or talked to your Mom today. I see my Mom practically every Sunday for dinner and never take a single one of those for granted. She’s the best, she knows it but will never admit to it. If you love you Mom show her everyday, not just today. Make her a meal in August. Buy her a beer or 4 in January.

    After a day of making lovely brunch dishes for Moms and their kids and then a meal out with my folks it’s time to unwind with a beer on a rainy evening in West Palm Beach. Continue reading…

    End of the Day Unwind – Vol 1

    In an attempt to keep my writing juices going and to continue to provide more regular content on this blog I decided to come up with a new, (hopefully) regular series here. I’m calling it End of the Day Unwind. Pretty much I’m going to crack open a beer and give some short blurbs on things that I encountered throughout the day or just random thoughts on things — beer related or not. I guess since I’m drinking a beer I’ll talk about the beer too. It’s kind of like going back to my old days of beer reviews but not quite.

    I can’t guarantee these will be daily. Actually, I can guarantee these won’t be daily but I’ll try to get a few out per week.

    Feel free to jump into the comments with your thoughts on things. We’ll chat, no big whoop. We’ll see how things go here. Continue reading…

    Molson Coors Big Wig Plays Victim; Calls Out BA

    You know that time you stayed up late one night after a having a few too many beers and started pouring your heart out writing something? To you it is this glorious manifesto of pain and suffering from the perspective of a true artist. “People will relate to me and I will finally get the credit that I deserve in life.” You end up posting it on your Tumblr with 16 followers and lay your drunk little head down to sleep.

    The next day you awake to find that your little rant has been reblogged all over social media and not for the reasons you had hoped in your alcohol blinded haze. You re-read your word vomit to find that, in the few places where it is coherent, your work is nothing more than a whine.

    This is what Peter Coors, chairman of Molson Coors, seemingly did the other day when he penned a letter complaining about the Brewers Association, craft breweries and in-fighting within the industry. He published it to an beer industry outlet that is completely protected by a paywall and seemingly forgot about it. When those in the industry saw it and brought it to light we saw the head of a huge, multi-national company calling themselves victims. Continue reading…