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    Putting the IP in IPA

    Would you ever consider putting Bart Simpson on a commercial beer label, let alone a glass and t-shirt, without the permission of the Fox Broadcasting Company? If you are in the least bit business savvy, even without running a business, you would probably say no. Why would you risk the legal whirlwind that could come from a Fed-Ex package bearing the return address of a law firm in New York. The Veil Brewing Company in Richmond, VA is not with you if you chose to pass on this infringing content.

    A couple days ago The Veil announced the upcoming release of a collaborative IPA brewed with Other Half Brewing from New York. The name of this brew was Broc Simpson. This was a play off of a series of IPAs that Other Half has brewed using the name broccoli. There is no broccoli in the beer so the whole reasoning for this naming scheme is above my head and probably something that the TTB would have issues with if they ever submitted the labels for approval. It was also a play off the iconic Simpsons character.

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    The Great Pumpkin Debate 2018

    Here we are halfway through August, Labor Day still a couple weeks away, and much like years past the beer shelves are becoming full of orange labeled, gourd and spice infused elixirs that every year bring about debate from the furthest reaches of the beer universe. It’s that time of the year for pumpkin beers.

    Two years ago I wrote a post about how it seemed that the pumpkin craze had been taking a downward turn. More people than ever were beginning to voice their concerns over the earlier and earlier releases of all things pumpkin, not just beer.

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    I Can Unload My Opinion on Anybody at Anytime

    A Friday morning seems so much like others until it’s not. Breezing through my Twitter timeline I became disturbed when a post that came across contained a headline that I never thought I would read, “Anthony Bourdain, 61, dead.” I was taken aback. This was not what I expected at 7:40 am.

    “This can’t be real.” I thought. I looked at the source, CNN. “Fuck, this is real.”

    It has become hard for the death of celebrity to bring pain to me in today’s world. In 2016 we saw a myriad of deaths including many great artists who’s influence will probably see no end. But death, especially of those that we admire, comes at some point. Whether we like it or not. It’s with that that I found the sting of reading of Anthony Bourdain’s death more painful than others.

    When I first came across Bourdain’s No Reservations many years ago he immediately struck me as a larger than life character that I could grasp onto every word of his ethos. He inspired me. I of course became a fan of his many other TV shows along with his writing. Continue reading…