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    TICKER: Free Beer

    Sometimes you are in the right place at the right time and you are gifted a free beer. These should be cherished and always followed with a huge thank you to whoever has provided you with such an amazing act of kindness.

    The keg of the beer you ordered kicked 3/4 of the way through pouring your pint and there is no back up keg. FREE BEER! One of your buddies decides to be a standup person and buy everyone a round. FREE BEER! You go to a BBQ at Todd’s house and you fucking hate Todd but he has a huge cooler full of cold ones. FREE BEER!

    Free beer, no matter the beer, is almost always a good thing.

    Free mixed culture saison? Good thing.
    Free hazy IPA? Good thing.
    Free homebrew brown ale from you friend’s neighbor? Good thing.
    Free macro lager? Good thing.
    Free diacetyl laden beer? Ehh, I’ll draw a line there.

    But are you seeing a trend here? Free beer = good thing. So don’t be a fucking snob and be like “Oh it’s Bud Light, I don’t drink that crap.” It’s free! Shut up, thank the person and drink it!

    Rating: ∞

    TICKER: Cask Beer

    My dear friend Kevin hates cask beer. He hates nitro beer too. Why does Kevin hate things like these? I wish I could blame on being old fashioned but if that were the case you would think he would like an old method of serving beer like cask. His issue is carbonation. Kevin loves high carbonation. He would carb everything to well over 3 volumes if he could. If Kevin ever takes control of the world you know what you are in for. Because of that, he dislikes the lower carbonation that inherently comes with cask beer. Kevin would probably rate cask beer 0 stars. Fortunately this site is not Kevin’s therefore his opinion doesn’t matter. It is, however, a nice little intro to me talking about cask beer.

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    TICKER: Selling Out

    I want to hate selling with all my heart. Like, I really, really want to but I just don’t wholly hate it. I mean the young, punk minded, stick-it-to-the-man kid in me cries out “Fuck those guys! Those sell outs!” Meanwhile the 37 year old (I had to really stop and think about how old I was just there) somewhat smarter version of me now can see how it’s a smart business decision.

    Let’s take a look at it. You’ve created a business that is doing well but don’t really have the capital to take it to the next level. Going to a bank and getting a loan with a big interest rate scares you. Some bigger company comes around and offers you a stupid amount of money (not Bezos stupid money but certainly more than you ever really thought you’d see in your day), an offer to stay on with the company with a nice paycheck and killer benefits (you may have forgotten what those even are) and maybe even a seat on the board. That could set your family for life. It would be hard to pass up. Your passion has paid off and you are successful because of it. American dream right?

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