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    Taking a Break from the Industry but Not the Game

    After a certain age we always remember our firsts. Your first kiss which likely led to your first love and ultimately your first heartbreak. You’re over it now and can probably look back and laugh at yourself for being so fragile but nonetheless we look back at it, usually fondly.

    My first job in the craft beer industry has been one that I will certainly never forget. Due South Brewing Co, at the time a start up brewery, took a chance on a not so bright eyed and in no way bushy tailed server admin with a passion for craft beer and just a blog and podcast to show for it. Over 5 years at Due South I have learned the up and downs, the lefts and the rights, even the u-turns and going the wrong way down the one way streets of this industry. To put it simply to an outsider, it’s nothing like you imagine.

    2017 has been a big year for craft beer, especially the South Florida market. We’ve seen the amount of breweries increase month after month so much that it’s hard to keep track of who is opening and who is celebrating an anniversary. “You’re celebrating your 2 year anniversary you say? Fuck, where has the time gone?” Continue reading…

    What’s That They Say About Opinions and a Body Part?

    Hi there blog.  Remember me?  I don’t blame you if you’ve moved on, I’ve been pretty shitty to you over the past year or so.  And I make no promises that I have changed.  I might bounce in and out of your life like that one ex that we all hate.  You always accept them back with open arms but they are just going to continue to always do what they do to you.  At least I’m being honest right?  Well, now that we have that awkward moment out of the way let’s get down to business.

    I have never been one to shy away from calling people out for things that I just don’t agree with.  If it’s shady business practices or self entitled attitudes I do it.  They won’t learn unless people lay it out for them right?  Well there is something that I am seeing more and more and it is really getting on my nerves.  So I am here to bitch about it.  You folks have some time for this long lost beer blogger? Continue reading…

    How to Get a Job in Craft Beer in 201 Not So Easy Steps

    It’s not uncommon to have a bunch of things on your mind.  Some are just so powerful and so bothersome that they just seem to consume your life.  They drag you down and always let you know they are there.  Even when things go right they just seem to keep coming at you.  But I’m persistent or maybe just stubborn.  I keep powering through.  Eventually you do make it past and you can get out of the funk.  And for me I am finally out of it.

    For what feels like months I have just not been myself.  I lost my concentration with this site and just couldn’t think of things to write about.  I lost the desire to even do simple things with my friends that I used to love doing.  Work began affecting my personal life in ways that it never should.  I needed change. Continue reading…