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    My Favorite Beer Brandings

    If you’ve been any sort of of reader of this blog for the last year you will by now know that I am pretty passionate about design in the beer world. It is design, after-all, that can hook a consumer and create a life long fan to one’s brand. In my early years of coming into the craft beer ether it was attractive labels that caught me when perusing the beer aisle at my local store.

    It should also go without saying that I absolute hate the increasing trend of breweries ripping intellectual property from other companies, modifying them and passing them off as their own in some “funny” and “hip” sort of way. I’ve written 2 different posts about this so I won’t bother you with all those details. Go read the other pieces.

    I figured after all of that I should make a more positive article to where I give credit to breweries that show their creative side when it comes to their branding and packaging. It is these breweries that resist the temptation to be cheap and easy to create beautiful branding that is eye catching and uniquely theirs.

    This list is absolutely from my own personal standpoint and in no way represents the best brandings out there. The best does not necessarily mean that I like them. And vise versa, my favorites do not mean they are necessarily the best. I should also point out that with now over 7000 active breweries in the country that I’m likely missing some ones that I have either never seen or just flat out forgot. Please feel free to let me know some of your favorite brewery brands out there from a design standpoint.

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    Putting the IP in IPA

    Would you ever consider putting Bart Simpson on a commercial beer label, let alone a glass and t-shirt, without the permission of the Fox Broadcasting Company? If you are in the least bit business savvy, even without running a business, you would probably say no. Why would you risk the legal whirlwind that could come from a Fed-Ex package bearing the return address of a law firm in New York. The Veil Brewing Company in Richmond, VA is not with you if you chose to pass on this infringing content.

    A couple days ago The Veil announced the upcoming release of a collaborative IPA brewed with Other Half Brewing from New York. The name of this brew was Broc Simpson. This was a play off of a series of IPAs that Other Half has brewed using the name broccoli. There is no broccoli in the beer so the whole reasoning for this naming scheme is above my head and probably something that the TTB would have issues with if they ever submitted the labels for approval. It was also a play off the iconic Simpsons character.

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    The Great Pumpkin Debate 2018

    Here we are halfway through August, Labor Day still a couple weeks away, and much like years past the beer shelves are becoming full of orange labeled, gourd and spice infused elixirs that every year bring about debate from the furthest reaches of the beer universe. It’s that time of the year for pumpkin beers.

    Two years ago I wrote a post about how it seemed that the pumpkin craze had been taking a downward turn. More people than ever were beginning to voice their concerns over the earlier and earlier releases of all things pumpkin, not just beer.

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