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Left Hand 2009 Oak Aged Imperial Stout

Name – Left Hand 2009 Oak Aged Imperial Stout
Country – United States
Type – American Imperial Stout

Appearance – Poured jet black with a small tan head that was gone pretty quick.

Smell – It’s not in your face but I pick up chocolate, roasted malts, some oak like scents.

Taste – This is very nice.  Chocolate, a little smokiness to it with the roasted malts.  All mixing with a subtle but present oak flavor.  Backed with a nice alcohol burn.

Sometimes when you see left over bottles you think that they must not be that good.  But sometimes it just shouts out to you that you have to try it.  That is what this bottle did so I decided to take my risk on the talking bottle and buy it.  Luckily this bottle and it’s brew inside are not some possessed trinket from an evil wizard but are rather a very nicely done beer by the good folks at Left Hand.  Really flavorful and well rounded.  I implore you to get one if you have the ability to.  I know the Boynton Total Wine still has some.

Overall Grade – A

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