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Starting in 2008 as a beer blog dedicated to beer reviews and promoting South Florida beer events turned into a barren desert in 2012 when I became a gainfully employed member of the craft beer industry. Now in 2017 this blog sees a revival but with different direction.

In the 9 years since starting this blog I believe I have grown a lot. Done are the days of beer reviews and here are the days of writing beer related opinion pieces.

Every review I’ve ever written remains here as a reminder of where I came from and for you to see the progression to where I am now. There is some truly embarrassing stuff on here but really it would be insincere of me to remove anything that got me to this point. I made some very uninformed, and even downright dumb, comments before and, you know what, I’ve learned from them. So they will remain right out here in the open. So if you find yourself here for the first time and are looking through and think to yourself “Damn this guy is daft when it comes to this subject” just take a look at the date and you’ll likely be seeing something from many years ago before I became woke (as the kids are saying in 2017).

Enjoy. Or don’t. I will.