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Morimoto Soba Ale

Name – Morimoto Soba Ale
Country – United States
Type – Fruit/Vegetable Beer

Appearance – Poured a slightly hazy copper color with a nice sized white head.

Smell – Big smell of something I have never really smelt before.  I assume it is the buckwheat as per the description.  Some slightly sweet malts could be picked up as well.

Taste – The taste also had something I never tasted before and again I’m going to think it is the buckwheat.  It was like a very dry bread.  Some mild hops and spices could also be picked up.

Being one not to shy away from different beers I decided to give this one a try from Rogue in their Chef Morimoto series.  The smell and taste of the buckwheat was indeed different.  I definitely wouldn’t say that this was disappointing like the Chipotle Ale but it was not incredibly pleasing either.  I guess different tastes for different faces.

Overall Grade – D+

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