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Jupiter Craft Brewers Festival a No Go

So this past Saturday I was suppose to attend the Jupiter Craft Brewers Festival but that ended up as a no go.  Not that I didn’t go up there to attend but upon arriving was told they were not selling anymore general admission tickets despite the appearance of hundreds of wristbands seemingly still available for presales but it was already around 5 pm and thought of that many more presales showing this late just didn’t make sense to me.

Now I can understand the purpose in presale tickets and such but there were just to many fishy things going on.  I for this reason checked their website between 12 and 1 on Saturday to be sure it didn’t say something like get there early and there wasn’t.  A matter of fact it still looked like you could purchase tickets online the day of.  My friend wasn’t getting off work until 3:30 so the ability to get there right at 2 pm was not really in the cards.  Plus this was a huge open environment.  It wasn’t really a venue like a ballroom or stadium or anything like that.  This was literally in the middle of a down town area.  You could just walk in without paying but needed a wristband to get drinks.  When I was told they were to capacity the girl at the gate I asked how something that is just in the middle of town can reach capacity.  It’s not like there is capacity limit on people just being in a town.  She then followed up by saying you can buy a beer from one of the restaurants and go in and just walk around.  If you are to capacity then why would you say to go in?

Yes I am bitter and might sound like I’m whining but it just didn’t make sense.  I don’t blame the girl at the gate as she is just doing her job and was probably a volunteer but if she was told by the organizers to tell people they can’t let anymore people in but then tell people to go buy a beer from one of the local restaurants and then go in and walk around that is just bad.  So suffice to say we were quite disappointed and decided to head to the Yardhouse for some beers and dinner.  I will have a review of one of those probably up tomorrow morning.

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