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Top Five Beers of Jupiter Craft Brewers Fest

Another year of the Jupiter Craft Brewers Fest is in the books after Saturday and there was yet another great turn out.  The weather despite being reported would rain all afternoon stayed nice for the entire event.  Don’t you wish you could be a weather person and be that wrong so much?

The brewers came out in full force again for this one so here are my top 5 beers of the festival.

BrewBarZiko’s Revenge – The upcoming brew on premise spot in Jupiter came out with a number of solid beers but their Ziko’s Revenge stout offered complex flavors with a nice full body.

Cigar City BrewingWhite Oak Peach IPA – White Oak IPA from CCB is one of my favorites and their Peach IPA is a really tasty one.  Put them together and you get an awesome IPA with mixes of the peach and a nice white oak finish mixed in with those hops.

Due South BrewingSaison du South – While many were talking about the Caramel Creame Ale (and rightfully so) it was the saison from Boynton Beach’s newest addition that got me happy quick.  Light, dry, citrus, cloves, horse blanket and enough funk in this would make anyone think it was made in Belgium or France.

Funky Buddha BreweryMaple Bacon Coffee Porter – Yes I’ve had this plenty of times before but it’s been awhile.  The line for this was ridiculous with people once again chanting “bacon” just like last year.  There was even a fight in the lines during this.  I don’t condone this sort of stupid behavior at all but I think Funky Buddha has a new t-shirt they can make. Beer You Would Fight For.  I want credit.

Due South BrewingCaramel Creame Ale – I couldn’t go the top 5 without having this one on there.  Yes I liked the Saison du South more but damn is this a fine beer.  Just think of those little candies that have the caramel with the creame in the middle of them.  Now imagine that taste in a beer.  It’s all there.

Honorable Mentions
Funky Buddha Bonita Applebum
Cigar City Church on a Hill
BrewBar Mystery Beer
Brewzzi Double IPA
Treasure Coast Brewers Club Key Lime Wheat

Those were my tops.  What about yours?  Leave a comment if you agree or disagree.

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