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Lukcy Basartd

Name – Lukcy Basartd
Country – United States
Type – American Strong Ale

Wow it feels like forever since I’ve posted on my dear old blog.  But I took a few days off for the weekend to celebrate my birthday that was yesterday.  Yes I get a whole weekend, don’t you?  And now I am back right before the holiday.

Now before you say to me, “Mike you totally butchered the spelling of this beer.”  I know I was never the best speller in my days but believe me that’s how it’s spelled on the bottle.  But it is indeed pronounce Lucky Bastard.

This beer is in celebration of 13 years of Stone Brewing Co making Arrogant Bastard Ale.  It is a blend of the 3 different version of Bastard; Arrogant Bastard, Double Bastard and Oaked Arrogant Bastard.

So I pour the beer into my nifty Stone pint glass and it comes out a nice, hazy red color.  A good sized off white head sits atop the brew and leaves some lacing on the glass but I have to admit I was expecting more.  AB leaves a ton of lacing on the glass that it is drank from so I expected some of the same here.

The beer bursts with citrus, piney and earthy hop aromas that the parent beers are known for having.  I get a bready like smell in there as well but was a bit surprised but the lack of oak I picked up in the nose.  I really didn’t smell any at all.

The taste is as you would expect with the bold hop tastes again.  I get more bread like taste and hint of caramel in there.  Then finally I am able to get some of the oak.  It is subtle and not completely in your face.  And to be honest I’m glad it was that way.

You can definitely tell that this is made by Stone and you might even just think it’s a treatment of AB if just given a blind tasting of it.  So much of this beer tastes just like the beer that it celebrates.  And as a fan of the original I can’t really say much bad about this beer.

I really did enjoy and will try to pick up another bottle while I can since this is only a one time release.  So if you like yourself some Arrogant Bastard then you better go grab some of this while you can.

Grade – A

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