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Name – Gordon
Country – United States
Type – American Red Ale

Fear the can.  But not in a bad way of course.  Too many people look at beer in cans and think it’s going to be crap.  You can blame the big macros for that way of thought but in reality it is something really good for the beer.

Cans let absolutely no light or air in to get to the beer.  While bottles will always let at least some of those in.  Plus these are the not the tin cans your dad or grandpa are use to.  There is no metal taste in the beer from the cans.

So what have we learned today?  Cans are good for beer and not to be truly feared.  You can fear how awesome they are, and for Oskar Blues, how awesome the beer inside it is.  So that brings us to today’s beer, Gordon.

I cracked open the green and silver can that reminded me of old school Philadelphia Eagles colors and poured it into my pint glass.  It is a clear red color with a slightly off white head.  It does leave some lacing along the glass.

The aroma is very nicely balanced between citrus hops and good malt backing.  I have a feeling already this is a good red ale.

Ah and the taste too is very balanced.  Your malt presence has a caramel and bready taste to it.  This is equaled out with some big bold citrusy hops.

So Gordon comes through packing a nice hoppy punch with a good malt backing all around in it.  Once again Oskar Blues cans up another winner in my book.

Once again folks do not be afraid of the can.  Go out and buy craft beer that is in a can.  You will be surprised with how good they can be.

Grade – A-

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