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Shark Attack Double Red Ale

Name – Shark Attack Double Red Ale
Country – United States
Type – American Red Ale

I love big hoppy red ales.  Having tried this ones little brother, Shark Bite, before I had to grab this one when we were in Colorado.  I know the smaller version is great so my standards are high on this one.  Am I building myself up for a let down?  We shall see.

Port is the sister company of Lost Abbey and the brother company of the brewpub/pizza parlor chain of Pizza Port in the San Diego area.  If you know about one and not the other, take this advice from me.  They make awesome beer.  So how about we get on to the beer shall we?

As I poured the beer into my imperial pint glass I admired the beautiful deep red color of the beer.  There was a decent, maybe two finger off white head.  There was a slight bit of lacing left on the glass.  Not as much as I anticipated.

The smell smacks you in the face with big malts and hops.  Perfectly blended to not have one over power the other but still have them combine to be a giant part of the scent.  I get a little bit of wood in the scent as well and I don’t even think this is aged in any type of barrel.

The first sip is amazing.  The citrus hops blend so well with the malts to make a fantastic taste.  Small hints of caramel jump out at you as well through the tasting.  You do get some of the 9% ABV in the taste and more so as the beer warms up.

Absolutely great beer here.  I found myself having to not rush through the bomber because I enjoyed it so much.  I wanted to savor it but at the same time just keep drinking it.  Good thing I did pace myself as that alcohol can creep up on you fast if you are really enjoying it.

Of course Port is not available in Florida but if you can get your hands on this or you have a friend heading out west that is willing to bring you back beer, then you must have this.

Grade – A

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  • Reply Brandon

    That sounds really good. I saw it at my local liquor store and failed to pick some up. I will have to give a try next time I stop.

    October 11, 2010 at 11:40 am
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