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Odd Notion Fall ’10

Name – Odd Notion Fall ’10
Country – United States
Type – Witbier

My brother can be quite the sucker for beers that are a novelty or have some sort of gimmicky name or label.  Sometimes he finds some hits like Skull Splitter but a lot of times is a miss.  I try not to buy into the novelties but sometimes I stumble.

I found myself buying into a novelty when I bought the Magic Hat Night of the Living Dead variety pack.  I was just strolling down the beer aisle in Publix while getting some dinner when I saw it.  With George Romero’s original zombie classic stamped on the case I was hooked.

People tend to be downers on Magic Hat saying they make less than stellar beers.  I like to think that they make great gateway beers.  They may not be as big and bold for a regular craft drinker but they are different enough from your everyday swill to maybe catch a few macro converts.

Today’s review is on the Odd Notion from this pack.  The Odd Notion beer is only available in the variety packs and it’s recipe changes each season.  This one is being called a Green Apple Wit.

It pours into my pint glass an amazingly clear golden yellow color.  A nice looking white head tops off the brew but is gone pretty quickly.

In the nose I am definitely getting granny smith apples in there.  There is also a very sweet bubble gum scent I am getting.  A definite yeast quality can also be smelt in here as well.

On the first sip I am hit with the yeast taste immediately.  It also seems to stay with you throughout the taste.  It then has an apple taste to it as well and then there is really nothing.  The flavors come and go pretty quickly.

The body of this is quite light and it is crisp and refreshing.  I’m guessing their idea here was to go with something apple like without making a cider for the fall.

All in all I think it was an interesting concept for a beer but the hit and run of the flavor just leaves with a whole lot to be desired.  I guess it is an acceptable session beer at 4.5% and the ladies might like it as well.  It just wasn’t really my cup of apple cider.

Grade – C

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  • Reply Casey (EvilTwin)

    Just had this for the first time on Saturday. It was interesting, but the bubble gum twist/flavor to it wasn’t really my thing.

    November 2, 2010 at 10:18 am
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