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Yuengling to become Amercia’s number 2

With the announcement months ago of the purchase of Anheuser-Busch by Belgain brewers InBev this takes away their title as the largest American brewery.  When the deal is signed and finished around the end of the year this will make the Boston Beer Comapny, maker of the Samuel Adams brands, the new number one but who becomes number two?  Why that will be America’s oldest brewery Yuengling.

The deciding factor is the number of barrells produced each year.  By the number Boston Beer produced 1,876,000 31 gallon barrels of beer in 2007 in 50 states.  D.G. Yuengling & Son produced about 1,700,000 in 11 states.  Imagine if Yuengling was available in all the markets as Boston Beer!

To read the story go here.

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