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Samuel Adams Latitude 48 Deconstructed Simcoe

Name – Samuel Adams Latitude 48 Deconstructed Hallertau Simcoe
Country – United States
Type – American IPA

It’s about time.  I’m finally done with the Sam Adams Latitude 48 Deconstructed pack.  It will be nice to finally move on to reviewing a beer that isn’t an IPA from Boston Beer for a little while.  It’s been fun.  Like I said in the beginning this is a good way to get to know the characteristics of each individual hope style.  But a little tiresome over a week period to put on the blog.

Well let’s jump right in with the final one.  This is the Simcoe variety.  This is a hop that I typically like.  It’s used pretty widely in bigger craft breweries already.

I pour one last time into my nonic pint and, surprise, it’s a clear orange color with a frothy off white head.  The head sticks around for a bit but doesn’t really stick to the glass all that much.

The nose is pretty resiny.  Fresh hop smell with hints of citrus.  You get a decent amount of malt backing in the aroma as well.

The taste is really a lot of the same.  Super fresh hop taste that is both resiny and citrusy.  It balances out with some caramel notes and has a crisp bitter finish.  But not one that lingers around for awhile.

In the end I’m going to say that this is my favorite of the 5 single hop varieties in the pack.  It’s the most well rounded one.  And the one that tastes the best alone compared to the other varieties.

And of course some of these hops are used more for say the aroma over the taste in the normal Latitude 48 so they may not transfer well to being by themselves.  And that’s completely understandable.

Again I enjoyed doing this pack but am glad it’s over.  On to something new, probably something darker too.

Grade – B+

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