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Shipyard Night and United We Drink Recording Tomorrow

Unless you live under a rock you are probably well aware of it being American Craft Beer Week right now.  And of course there are so many wonderful beer events going on this week.  One in particular I have to endorse because I’ll be there.

Tomorrow night at Coffee District in Delray Beach, FL will be a special night with Shipyard Brewing.  Matt, the local Shipyard rep, will be out in full force with kegs of XXXX IPA, Imperial Porter, Double Thumper, Export Ale, Summer Ale and Sea Dog Blue Paw.

Not enough for you?  Well they will also be holding a raffle for tons of Shipyard/Sea Dog schwag.  Buy a beer, get a ticket.  Come on, all us beer geeks love free beer stuff.

And to top things off Phil and I will be on location recording our next episode of United We Drink.  We tried this before to a massive failure that still haunts us to this day.  But we are better, our equipment is better and we will get this done.  Some come out and hang out with the UWD crew.

So as always go out and support craft beer.  Support local craft beer establishments.  And support local craft beer podcasts.

Coffee District
325 NE 2nd Avenue #104
Delray Beach, FL 33444

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