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Home Brewing 101

So on Saturday I along with follow beer enthusiast Danno attending a home brewing class at BX Beer Depot in Lake Worth, FL.  I found it strange that we were the only ones attending the class but that left it for more one on one work with our instructor John.  John told us that he has been brewing for over 3 years now and assurred that it was much easier than one may think.

He emphasized that the most important thing is cleaning and sanitizing all equipment used.  Not having clean and sanitized equipment is the number one cause of making a bad batch of beer.  He told us a lot of information that I did not even know about beer and beer making while showing us every step of the way of what to do.  Believe it or not the hardest part of the whole beer making process only takes about 2 hours!  This is actually cooking of the beer and adding the malts and hops to the water.  Then after everything cooks for about an hour you need to bring it all down to a specific tempeture in order to add the yeast.  Upon adding the yeast you just let it sit covered up for a few days for it to ferment.

After this John, along with fellow employee Cory, showed us all the different kits to get you started as well as their supply of grains, malts, hops and everything else brewing related that you might need to get started.  They also are quite a nice supplier of micro and craft beers in both bottle and kegs.

The BX Beer Depot also has a Home Brews Club where local home brewers meet up monthly to discuss their brews and hold little blind competitions where they all brew a certain type of beer and have everyone blindly taste them and select a winner.  They also host monthly beer and food pairings where they pair food up with particular beers that will go well with the meal.

If you live in South Florida and are interested in home brewing or just good beer you should head over to the BX Beer Depot in Lake Worth.  You can also visit them on the web at and do sign up for their mailing list so you can be kept up to date on all their fun happenings.

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