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TICKER: Free Beer

Sometimes you are in the right place at the right time and you are gifted a free beer. These should be cherished and always followed with a huge thank you to whoever has provided you with such an amazing act of kindness.

The keg of the beer you ordered kicked 3/4 of the way through pouring your pint and there is no back up keg. FREE BEER! One of your buddies decides to be a standup person and buy everyone a round. FREE BEER! You go to a BBQ at Todd’s house and you fucking hate Todd but he has a huge cooler full of cold ones. FREE BEER!

Free beer, no matter the beer, is almost always a good thing.

Free mixed culture saison? Good thing.
Free hazy IPA? Good thing.
Free homebrew brown ale from you friend’s neighbor? Good thing.
Free macro lager? Good thing.
Free diacetyl laden beer? Ehh, I’ll draw a line there.

But are you seeing a trend here? Free beer = good thing. So don’t be a fucking snob and be like “Oh it’s Bud Light, I don’t drink that crap.” It’s free! Shut up, thank the person and drink it!

Rating: ∞

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