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End of the Day Unwind – Vol 4

June 1st marks the beginning of hurricane season in any part of the world that has the wonderful pleasure of being in the Tropics. I don’t like hurricanes, like at all. You are probably thinking, “Well who does Mike?”

And I would respond to you with “Some sick fucks.”

I know that most people dread seeing the cone of uncertainty hovering over their little piece of the peninsula during weather reports. They jump in their cars and raid every grocery store in a 20 mile radius of all bottled water. They descend upon home improvement warehouses for every piece of plywood that the Pacific Northwest can produce. They create lines at gas stations curving around corners and into neighborhoods. You know what that all does to me? It freaks me the fuck out, is what it does! It’s hard to not see other people freaking out and that is exactly what I start doing.

There has already been one named storm in the Gulf last week so things started a bit early. Fuck hurricane season.

Drinking: New Holland – Dragon’s Milk

A classic of an imperial stout right here. If you don’t agree with me then you are hopeless in life.

Everything is just so balanced in this beer. It’s not too sweet. It’s not too oaky. It’s not too roasty. Everything comes together better than that pickup line that you swore wouldn’t work but got you a phone number. And that number is actually real.

It’s crazy that New Holland now distributes to Florida. This is due to the distribution partnership that they created with Pabst. Even crazier out of the whole thing is that I can find Dragon’s Milk in my local grocer’s beer aisle. Talk about dangerous convenience right there.


I hereby decree that on this day, June 1st 2018, that no one shall cut a donut in half from this day forward. Doing so will result in public ridicule and stoning by way of Munchkins®.

Kids, Babies and Fur Babies in Taprooms

Discussions about kids and pets in brewery taprooms on Twitter are becoming quite the common occurrence. Each side has their supporters along with fanatics.

This will be, hopefully, my one and only time chiming in on this whole thing.

Private businesses have the right to put age or species restrictions on their businesses. If you don’t like it you don’t have to go there. Go visit the breweries that allow kids and your Labrador. Don’t visit the ones that don’t. Why is this so hard?

Are Your Sandwiches Served Hot?

I’m about this close to using this as my reply the next time someone asks if we serve our grilled cheese hot.

No, it is served as cold as the corpse of the last person to ask me that.

That would work right?

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