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End of the Day Unwind – Vol 3

Tuesday has become my Sunday of sorts. I work Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday and the occasional Friday. That leaves Monday and Tuesdays as my default weekend. Since on this schedule Monday has become my day of rest while Tuesday has consisted of taking time to visit breweries, bars and other establishments that I would normally do a real weekend. It’s also times like this that I enjoy writing.

My own house has become difficult to write in for extended periods of time. Little sounds annoy me and take away my concentration quicker than Ricky Henderson’s jump off first. (Is that still relevant?) The washer and dryer are loud and nearly constant in order to wash my work clothes. The chair that I normally sit in now squeaks with even the tiniest of movements. The next door neighbors renovating their house has brought Bobcats, jackhammers, power saws and all of Bob Villa’s wet dreams out for all to hear. Because of this I have found places outside of the house to be more inviting of an environment to put digital pen to digital paper.

The tone of people talking in the background of a bar or brewery are soothing, it’s my white noise. Being in a brewery is even more calming. Kegs hitting the floor or clanging off one another are birds chirping. The sound of Co2 while kegs fill or beer transfers is the hum of electricity that we all seemingly forget about.

Drinking: Tequesta Tupac’s Alive IPA

If you know me you know I love Tequesta Brewing Company. This brewery in a sleepy little beach community has been putting out great beer since they opened 7 years ago and technically before that when head brewer, Matt Webster, was brewing for next door neighbor Corner Cafe. I’ve secretly wished I could be a regular at their taproom like so many people in the Jupiter area. Unfortunately a 30 minute drive or more has kept me to an occasional–yet very enthusiastic–patron.

Tupac’s Alive is a West Coast IPA, a style of IPA that is nearly extinct, that utilizes Summit and El Dorado hops to bring a nice piney, grapefruit aroma and flavor with a good bit of bitterness. Remember when we liked bitterness in IPAs? Seems like decades ago.

It’s a fantastic beer from a fantastic brewer that your beer snobs of South Florida would never care about. I guess it leaves more for me and the tons of people that regularly pack TBC’s taproom at all hours of operation.

Nothing Like Playoff Hockey

Even as a die hard Flyers fan watching from the outside there is truly nothing like playoff hockey. An expansion team in the Cup finals. The Jets rising to the upper tier. The Caps and Lightning battling it out. The Sharks….continue being the Sharks. Everyone elevates their games (and beards) in attempts at being the best. I love football, baseball and college basketball playoffs but nothing will come close to hockey. Don’t @ me.

Shmaltz Heads Back to Their Roots

Yesterday news broke that Shmaltz Brewing Company, a one time contract brewer turned production brewery, would be selling their Clifton Heights, NY production facility but continue the brand through….wait for it….contract brewing.

I’ve always been a fan of a lot of the beers I’ve had from Shmaltz and their He’Brew line of beers. Lenny’s Bittersweet RIPA was an extremely unique and delicious beer when it first graced my lips nearly a decade ago.

It may be a sign of the times that Shmaltz only spent 5 years in this new facility before selling but I think overall everything works out for everyone in the deal. Shmaltz only sold the facility and retains all their brands, including a lucrative deal with NBC to make Star Trek branded beers. SingleCut, the buyers of the facility, get to expand. The employees at the facility get to keep their jobs with the new buyer. Congrats everyone. Live long and prosper.

Duplass Brothers – Netflix Documentary Kings?

The Duplass Brothers, Mark and Jay, have now released 2 acclaimed documentaries on Netflix in the last 5 months. Have they found their niche?

It’s Getting Hot, Give Me a Stout

Here in South Florida we are practically in full blown summer–it’s hot, humid and raining. This should be cause to crack open the lagers, session IPAs and anything light yet last Saturday I found solace in Founders Breakfast Stout after a shift behind the bar. That beer is so incredible that I feel like we need to cancel Stout Season. Every season is a good season for a stout.

Choreographed Fighting in Spandex

I love pro wrestling–fight me about it. I also have a wrestling podcast where my good friend Kevin and I take a break from the world of craft beer to talk about Vince McMahon’s wild world of sports entertainment. If you are into step up enzugiris, powerbombs and Corey Graves’s hair styles head on over to our show, Missed Spots Podcast, to hear us complain about how we think we could write 40 hours of television a week better than them.

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