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Welcome Home to a Hurricane

On Monday morning I returned home from a 3 week voyage that I can simply put was the time of my life.  Working my way from Seattle down to San Francisco gave me sights I had never seen before along with delectable food and delicious beer.  I had plans of writing up pieces on each of my major stops along the way (Seattle, Portland, San Francisco) and even started on one but sometimes when life happens it happens big.

Instead of spending time writing I am spending time preparing for Hurricane Irma that is seemingly heading right for South Florida.  With that I must apologize for the delay that is inevitable with the pieces.  I will get them up as soon as I can.

In the meantime let me wish any other South Florida friends, family, readers and followers to be safe out there.  We’ll see each other on the other side of this storm.  I mean has anyone liked the name Irma since the 40s?


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