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Funky Buddha Announces Details of Two Upcoming Collaborations

If you are a member of the Funky Buddha’s snifter club then you probably know this already.  In their newsletter on Monday the Buddha gave the details on the upcoming collaboration beers that they brewed last week at Cigar City and then at Saint Somewhere.  I did write about the collaboration with Cigar City, also including Blue Jacket out of D.C., as well last week.

The Buddha proudly announced that the Cigar City/Blue Jacket collaboration will draw it’s influence from movie theater food.  The not yet named imperial porter will contain influence from peanut M&M’s, licorice, popcorn and Raisinets.  The beer is scheduled to be released in June.

Then the day after brewing that beer the Buddha gang headed up to Tarpon Springs to brew a collaboration with Bob Sylvester and Saint Somewhere.  This beer, named Citron Partie, is a saison brewed with lemon sage and white, red, green and black peppercorns.  This one is also scheduled for a June release.

These both sound like absolutely awesome beers and can’t decide which I am more excited to try.  What about you Florida readers, are you looking forward to one over the other?

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