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And I’m Back

Let me just tell you that I hate AT&T.  As I stated in my last posting I was without internet up until yesterday.  This was because my AT&T modem decided life was too difficult being a modem and ended itself.  AT&T tech support as well as their billing told me that I must buy a replacement modem from them for $100.  I obviously refused this because this was their modem that I never paid for to start with.  I understand if this was my modem but they gave it to me and they should replace it.  Well they refused to say the least.

Fast forward to yesterday and I get my new Comcast internet service installed no problems and I call to cancel my AT&T.  The sweet woman that I spoke with just seemed in utter shock of my story and said they certainly should have given me a modem for free and she even offered to do so as a last ditch effort to keep me and even offered to match the price that I got with Comcast, which isn’t that much cheaper.  But where the hell was this sort of customer service the week before?  I talked to two different people that refused to give me a new modem unless I pay $100.  I appreciate the kind offer from the kind woman but I just stuck with the Comcast.

Anyway I’ll be back to blogging this week.  I have already updated the events page with some upcoming events, some of which I’ll talk about more in depth later this week.

Thanks for sticking with me through this.  Cheers to all, except AT&T.

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