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Stagger Lee

Name – Stagger Lee
Country – United States
Type – Cider

I promised some reviews this week so I better make good on that.  So here I am with another cider review.  I’m actually really excited about this one.

I first saw Crispin’s Stagger Lee on my friend Casey’s Facebook as he posted a picture of it.  This cider is a blended cider of three different varieties including one of them being aged in rye whiskey barrels.  Cider in rye whiskey barrels?  I’ve never heard of such a thing.  But now I have an I must try it.

From what I’m told it is only available in Total Wines in South Florida.  Additionally my first trip to the store to try to find it turned up fruitless as it was not in the single bottles section with the other ciders.  It was actually in the package cider section.  Kind of strange when it is being sold as a single bottle.  But what do I know.

I popped the cap and poured the beer into my shaker pint.  It is a very cloudy gold color.  I can see sediment floating all over the place in there.  No head but that is common in ciders.

The scent is definite ripe apples upfront.  But you do get slight notes of wood and whiskey in the back end.

The taste gives you whiskey right up front and then turns into sweet apples.  The finish has a slight alcohol burn to it as the whiskey taste comes back for one final appearance.

I was blown away by this cider.  The complexity that the whiskey barrels adds to this is incredible.  Usually I look at ciders as a session drink but this is a sipper that deserves the respect to be savored.  Plus at the 6.9% ABV it will sneak up on you if you aren’t careful and take advantage of you the rest of your evening (or afternoon okay).

To say that Crispin is doing outstanding things with cider would come nowhere close to how true that statement is.  They are truly a craft cider maker.  From different yeast strains to spirit barrels I can’t help but enjoy and look forward to everything they do.

If you like or love cider you absolutely must try Stagger Lee.  You won’t be disappointed, I really mean that.

Grade – A

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