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Happy Festivus and Airing of Grievances

Today is a Festivus for the rest of us.  A holiday’s holiday.  This is where you get together with those that you love and you air your grievances around the Festivus pole.  Afterwards the Feats of Strength is performed as Festivus can not be over until the head of the household is wrestled to the ground.  Well in the spirit of the holiday I will air some grievances to my loved craft beer community.

  • To Rob from – You have been getting better at this but stop reviewing beers that you have already reviewed. I’m all for revisiting something that you didn’t like maybe a few years ago but revisiting things you did like in the first place?  There is no way you’ve had every beer in the lone beer store you shop at.
  • To Dos formerly of – I doubt you’ll read this because you don’t seem to us the internet for anything but sports scores and new facial hair styles.  But get back together with Phil and start doing reviews again.
  • To Joel aka Brewkkake – Start a blog again.  Your writing was brilliant and a breath of fresh air to beer blogs everywhere.
  • To the Funky Buddha – Stop making over hyped beers!  Your super small batches are made with the intentions to cause a stir.  Okay I can’t really go through with this one.  I just wanted to jump on the FB hate train for a minute and I did not like it.  I’ll remove myself.  No ticket.
  • To every person that continues to give these egomaniac “beer celebrities” a soap box – Stop it!  They don’t care about you and when they pretend to care about you it comes across blatantly pretentious and fake.
  • To Terrapin Beer Company – Make the Dark Side again, please! You’ve brought back a number of other Side Projects before and this one needs to be brought back.  One of the best beers I’ve ever had and I want it again.

So let’s see if anyone tries to take me down today in a feat of strength.  Have a Happy Festivus everyone.

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