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Frog Hop

Name – Frog Hop
Country – United States
Type – American Pale Ale

Gifts are really nice.  They are even nicer when you aren’t expecting them.

A number of months ago, and I mean a number of months, I was contacted by a representative of Great Northern Brewing Company.  They asked if they could send me some samples of beer.  Who am I to turn that generous offer down?  So I gave my address but in the following weeks I saw nothing.  Eventually I just forgot about the communication until last week.

A box arrived and was placed in front of me with a return address saying Great Northern on it.  I opened it to find a bottle of Frog Hop Fresh Hopped Pale Ale and a sticker in it.  Well I guess they didn’t forget about me after all.  So of course I decided to drink it as soon as I could.

The brew arrives in my nonic pint glass a slightly hazy orange color.  A fluffy white head sites on top of the liquid and leaves a small amount of lacing on the glass as it disappears.

The nose has a definite citrus aroma to it, mainly oranges.  Some slight hop scents are rounded out with a biscuit like smell.

The taste again was very citrus in nature with plenty of malts to balance things out.  I must say I’m a bit surprised by how much in the background the hops are.

It’s a really easy drinking beer.  The 5% ABV makes it such.  And I found myself done with the 22 oz bomber quicker than I normally expect.  But I would be a bad writer if I didn’t say I was slightly disappointed.  The hops just were not as present as I typically like in a pale ale.  Maybe I am spoiled with super hoppy pales like Dale’s and Sierra Nevada.

And I definitely don’t want to come off as ungrateful for the nice gift I was presented with.  That is not the case at all.  I actually enjoyed drinking this beer.  Like I said it went down really easy.  I just saw fresh hop on the label and I guess got this notion in my head that I would be smacked int he face with hops.  And you know what maybe it is the hops that they used that just gave off a more subtle and more citrus flavor.  Obviously they are proud of what they make as they should be.

So a big thank you to Great Northern for sending this my way.  And if you find yourself in Montana you should stop in and check them out.

Grade – B-

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