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Crispin Artisanal Reserve Lansdowne

Name – Crispin Artisanal Reserve Lansdowne
Country – United States
Type – Cider

Here is a little fun fact that many of you may not know.  MikeLovesBeer is also Mike loves ciders.  For quite awhile I have enjoyed a number of ciders but in my over 3 years of blogging I have only review ever reviewed one other cider.  Not exactly sure why I haven’t but it’s not because of a lack of drinking them I can tell you.

So over the weekend my good friend Ed “The Sexiest Man in Craft Beer” Roberts provided me with a couple ciders from Crispin Cider Company that we don’t get down here as of yet.  He really wanted to see what I thought of them so what better time than now to review them for the site.

Today I will be doing the review for their Artisanal Reserve Lansdowne.  The label says that this is made using molasses and and Irish Dry Stout yeast (I wonder who’s).  Ed told me at a recent cider class he taught that this beer was really enjoyed by many.  The label also says server ice cold or over ice.  For picture purposes I opted against the ice, but I’m not opposed to it.

It pours into my nonic pint a very cloudy copper or amber color.  There is absolutely no head at all and that’s kind of to be expected.

The nose is pretty standard in my opinion for a cider.  Lots of scents of apples and freshly peeled skins in there.  I can pick up a bit of molasses but it doesn’t jump out at you.

The taste obviously contains apples with some hints of molasses and brown sugar.  Would seem fit for the fall season if it weren’t still so freaking hot here in Florida.

I wouldn’t say I picked up really any character specific to using the Irish Dry Stout yeast in it.  It seemed like a pretty standard cider with some sweet notes of brown sugar and molasses added to them.  I think Ed built it up a bit in my head and I went in expecting something completely different than I maybe should have.

But tomorrow I will be back reviewing the second bottle that Ed provided me and that is the Artisanal Reserve The Saint from Crispin as well.

Grade – B-

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