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Summer Love

Name – Summer Love
Country – United States
Type – American Blonde Ale

Obviously summer is in full effect.  A couple days ago was the mid summer classic, the MLB All Star Game, and my Phillies stars had a good showing.  Halladay pitched a perfect 2 innings.  Lee gave up the only AL run but still worked good.  And Hamels, Victorine and Polanco actually showed up to the festivities.  That’s more than some AL shortstops can say.

So as a bit of a celebration I am reviewing Victory’s Summer Love today.  The label shows all things that you think about when it comes to summer.  It’s got baseball, camping, ice cream, cooking out and more.  And of course with Victory being from right outside Philadelphia this is a tip of the cap to the City of Brotherly Love.  So let’s dive in.

I pour it into my traditional pint glass and it comes out a very clear yellow color.  There is a very thin white head that is gone pretty quickly.

The nose is filled with grains and lemon zest.  Hints of orange and a slight grassy smell round it out.

The taste is a really very similar to the smell.  It’s grainy with some nice citrus notes in there.  Crisp finish.  It’s quite full bodied for a blonde ale as well.

As I’ve mentioned before I really enjoy a good beer that is perfect for a hot, humid day like we have in Florida all the time.  So this one actually fits that bill perfectly.  It has flavor and body for what many call a dull style.

I’m actually now thinking that all the images on the label are actually ideas of great things to pair Summer Love with.  It’s great out at a ball game.  Out camping?  Why not bring a sixer along with you.  Slaving over the grill to feed hungry friends and family?  Have a pair of tongs in one hand and this in another.  See they all work.

So if you like a refreshing beer in this heat or are a sucker for stuff reminding you of your birthplace (I’m both), then Summer Love is a good choice.  Pick some up before the leaves start falling.  Or in Florida when summer just continues into winter, which isn’t really winter but kind of spring.  Oh just go try it.

Grade – B

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  • Reply Rob

    Hey Mike.

    I totally enjoyed this one too. I’m sure my opinion is a little skewed by Philly nostalgia and the Phillies, but so be it.

    What Yankee were you referring to? LOL.

    July 14, 2011 at 9:38 am
    • Reply Mike

      Oh you know, that one that just came back from and injury and made history by getting his 3000th hit. But decided not to show up at the ASG.

      July 14, 2011 at 9:41 am

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