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Help Wilderness Brewing Co

In 10 days I will be celebrating my 3rd year of running this blog.  A pretty long time I might say.  A lot longer than even some of the blogs that I regularly follow.  So I guess I should be a father figure to these guys and present myself in a good way to set a good example.

But anyway, in the time I’ve been blogging I have had the honor of having some other bloggers become active readers and myself becoming a reader of their blogs.  People from all over the country.  A couple guys in general really caught my attention.  Mike and Nate of Thank Heaven for Beer were doing things a little different from what I though of beer blogging.  They weren’t just reviewing beers but writing about home brewing, family, opinion pieces and one other thing in particular.  Their desire to open a brewery together one day.

Well that time in their life is finally here but they need some help.  Mike and Nate are finally going through with their dream to open a brewery in Kansas City.  But they are fund raising to build up the funds to open up a nano brewery.

I know the economy isn’t great.  So asking people to give money for anything that doesn’t directly help them can be difficult.  But that’s not going to stop me from asking you to help.

Yesterday the guys launched a Kickstart campaign in order to try to raise $40,000 to start the brewery, Wilderness Brewing Co.  Head over to the page and watch the video.  They tell you about themselves and what exactly the money is for.  Then if you are so inclined, you can donate.  You can pledge as little as a dollar but there are special levels that will get you cool stuff if the full amount is reached.  Also you are not paying right now but when the drive is over.  If they reach the goal then you will be charged.  But in just over 24 hours the guys have had over $3000 pledged to them.  Crazy right?

So please if you can head over and give what you can.  The campaign ends on August 4th so you do have some time.  Truly this is a case of every little bit will do.  You will be helping two great guys see their dream come true.  And in return they will be providing some great beer as a thank you to all.

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  • Reply Scott-TheBrewClub

    A great cause indeed! Everyone who loves good beer should try to pitch in to help!

    June 1, 2011 at 7:49 pm
  • Reply Michael Reinhardt


    Thanks for writing this. We are so humbled by the outpouring of promotion by the beer community (I’m now thinking of it more as a village). We are truly lucky to have such good beer friends. And, like Scott, you’ve pretty much been there from the beginning.

    June 1, 2011 at 10:04 pm
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