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Headwaters Pale Ale

Name – Headwaters Pale Ale
Country – United States
Type – American Pale Ale

It’s a really special time in South Florida right now.  It’s one that doesn’t happen all the time or on a regular schedule.  So you know right away it’s not the blistering hot, humid summer.  But I guess you could say it has to do with “heat.”  Yes it’s the time of the year when a South Florida team actually makes a deep run into the playoffs and every bandwagon jumping idiot comes out of the wood works and acts like a life long fan.  I mean of course they haven’t been to a game in 4 years but they are such die hards.

In my now coming on 15 years of living in South Florida I can count the number of true South Florida sport teams fans on both of my hands.  It’s rare.  Most people down here are implants to begin with.  They have allegiances elsewhere.  But numbers of the ones born and raise here could care less what the Dolphins, Marlins, Panthers and Heat do until it comes time for the playoffs.  Call me a hater all you want.  I know that I support my teams whether they play good or are stinking up the joint.  That’s a fan.

So anyway today’s beer is sort of a symbol of my continued support for my teams.  That is because it is from Victory Brewing in Downingtown, PA.  The brewery just outside of Philadelphia has become a symbol of Philly Beer.  And today’s review is of their newest year round brew, Headwaters Pale Ale.

Pouring into my nonic pint glass it arrives a clear orange color.  A thin bubbly white head sits on top for a few seconds and then is gone.

The nose is filled with citrus, piney and earthy hops.  Not overpowering but enough to give a great scent.

This brew is smooth!  Nice citrus and piney hop flavor.  A slight bit of malt backing.  Crisp and clean finish.

This beer is an absolutely perfect session beer.  It’s really smooth and easy to drink.  Has a 5.1% ABV.  And has enough character to it to put it above most other big names.  And with June now upon us I can see myself having a number of these on the hot summer days.

Victory again shows why they are well respected brewery.  They make solid beers in so many different styles.  A lot of breweries stick to their guns and don’t try to make certain styles.  Victory can and does do them all.  Their year round portfolio is larger than almost all breweries I know of.  And they don’t do a bad job on any of them.  It’s not like one is a middle child that is seemingly forgotten.  Victory loves all their children the same.

And being a Philly staple I love them even more.  I wish I was going to be up there this coming weekend for the kick off of Philly Beer Week.  I had a great time last year.  To all those going have a great time.

Now I could totally end this review with a good old “Go Mavs” to rub in the face of the Heat fans.  But I honestly don’t care about the NBA.  All I’m saying is be a fan or don’t.  Stop only supporting when they play good.  Part of being a fan is showing your distaste for when a team is playing bad.  Let them know it and maybe they will try harder to make the people that really pay their salaries happy.

Grade – A

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  • Reply Rob

    Headwaters is an excellent beer! Love it! I think I will buy a six pack tonight. So refreshing.

    As for the Heat, I watched Michael McDonald struggle through the National Anthem the other day and changed the channel to Family Guy. Don’t care. Actually, I might not even watch if it were the Sixers.

    But Go Phillies! Go Flyers! Go Eagles! Even Go Union!

    June 3, 2011 at 8:52 am
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