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Double Old Thumper Ale

Name – Double Old Thumper Ale
Country – United States
Type – Extra Special Bitter (ESB)

I was looking back on past articles on the site today and saw my last actual written review was all the way back on February 7th.  More than a month since I have written a full on review.  Damn, that’s got to change right quick.

So I am here today to bring you back to the basics of this site.  Man, beer, review.  Maybe a few jokes laced in there somewhere and we have a formula that has worked for me for close to 3 years (hint hint).

Today I am having Double Old Thumper Ale.  Shipyard takes their version of the original Old Thumper and cranks it to around 11.  That is only a rumor as I can not get confirmation as to what they actually cranked it up to.  And I am a fan of the original so I am hoping to be pleased with the pumped up version.

It pours into my nonic pint glass a very clear copper color.  A nice sized bubbly white head sits atop the brew and leaves some lacing as it fades.

The nose is super malty with sweet caramel.  I also pick up some grainy smells and some hints of cherry.  There was a slight medicine like smell to it in my opinion as well.  It was off putting because it didn’t hit you in the face.  We’ll see if this ends up being an infection in the taste.

More sweet malt flavor.  Tastes of nuts in there as well.  There is a good hop bitterness in the back and the finish.

This brew is really just like the original but bigger in all aspects.  And being a fan of the original I can safely say I am a fan of this one.

I like what Shipyard is doing with their beers for the most part.  While so many breweries are making (insert liquor style) barrel stouts and uber hopped IPAs they stick to a lot of the traditional English styles.  Some people find English styles boring but I don’t.  I enjoy a good bitter curled up at the bar eating some shepherd’s pie.  Especially if it is on hand pump.  And boy would I love to see this beer on cask.

So if you enjoy English styled beers than this is one for you.  If you don’t well I don’t know what we are going to do with you.  Go try it anyway.  If you don’t like it maybe someone will give you some money.  Not me but maybe someone.

Grade – A-

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