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Big Beers, Small Thoughts 3/9/11

This past Monday I made my return to Monday’s Social Beer Night at Coffee District (who has a new website designed by yours truly) after missing a number of weeks being sick.  So here I am with another Big Beers, Small Thoughts.  Let’s just dive on in.


North Coast Old Rasputin XII – The twelfth anniversary of Old Rasputin is aged on bourbon barrels in this one.  The nose and taste are dominated by the sweet bourbon.  Hints of cherry come through with a little boozy flavor as well.  I still find it a bit hot and think it will become incredible in a year or two.

Tampa Bay Brewing Iron Rat – Apparently there is a normal and imperial version of this beer.  Both with the same name.  That’s not confusing at all.  Kevin who brought it wasn’t sure which it was.  But it had a quite smokey nose and taste.  I got a lactose smell from it as well.

Beer Here Malus Pater – This beer must have been sent from overseas because I see no way this label was approved in the states.  It is by far one of the most out there designs I’ve ever seen.  The beer inside was a pretty standard quad.  Lots of dark fruit, Belgian candi sugar and yeast.

BrewDog IPA is Dead: Nelson Sauvin – One of the new single hop IPAs BrewDog is doing with one of my favorite hops.  The nose is incredible.  Very strong scent of the Nelson Sauvin hops.  Fruity and a little piney.  Reminds me of Funky Budda’s Don’t Try since they used Nelson Sauvin hops in that.  But I become disappointed with the taste.  Slight taste of the hops but the rest just seemed watery and bland.

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