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Sick, Sick, Sick

Either someone has found my kryponite or I’m just horribly unlucky.  For the past couple weeks I’ve been battling two separate sick spells.  After beating a big bout with lots of congestion a pesky cough showed it’s head around.  Now on some new meds I am hopefully on track to beating that.

And as you can tell there haven’t been many posts lately.  I apologize first and foremost for that.  My readers are awesome and I want to keep bringing you stuff to read but I just haven’t been able to.  But throughout the week I should have some things for you all and by next week I should be back at full force.

Thanks for continuing to stop by and cheers everyone!

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  • Reply Casey (EvilTwin)

    Feel better man. Just as long as your healthy for Hunaphu we’ll be good.

    March 1, 2011 at 9:39 am
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