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Hop Gun

Name – Hop Gun
Country – United States
Type – American IPA

A couple weeks ago I put up my first review for a Funky Buddha beer made right here in Palm Beach County.  Now this week I have yet another for you.  Thanks to my girlfriend Melinda she brought over a growler of Funky Buddha’s IPA, Hop Gun.

Might I say that the names they come up with for a lot of their beers are absolutely awesome.  Couple that with sometime hilarious descriptions and you have a brewery that takes their brewing serious but has fun doing it too.  As you are pretty aware by now Hop Gun is a play off of the movie with the crazy guy that jumps on Oprah’s couches.

So I crack open the growler top and pour it into my Funky Buddha pint glass (because it only makes sense) and it comes out a very clear golden color.  There is a nice sized white head that leaves a pretty good amount of lacing along the glass.

The aroma is big in citrus hops also with a scent of pineapple.  But it’s not all hops in the nose as there is a nice malt backing to it.

I always hate when I have to say this about a beer but the taste is much like the smell.  Great balance between the citrusy hops and the malts.  I’m not normally a fan of pineapples but I like that taste I get in here.  It’s something different you don’t see in IPAs to often.  And it sort of gives a tropical Florida feel to it.

This was one of the very first beers the Funky Buddha concocted for when they were getting ready to be a brew pub.  And it has under gone some transformations slightly in the recipe.  I really like where it has landed here.

To me there are two types of IPA drinkers.  The ones that want super hoppy.  Then there are the ones that want balance.  I can see either ones point.  I myself sometimes love a super hoppy IPA but sometimes I want something balanced.  Hop Gun is the later of those two.  It won’t tear the enamel off your teeth but rather leave you satisfied with a really good taste in your mouth.

Grade – B+

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  • Reply marie

    I think it’s funny how the category American IPA refers to an IPA with extra hoppiness, even though by definition, an IPA is a hoppy beer. Apparently not hoppy for us excessive Americans. Heh. But you’re right about balance– an IPA – even an American one – does not HAVE to donkey punch you, slap you in the mouth, throw you down and then kick you in the gut, and I think people (namely me) forget that sometimes.

    December 2, 2010 at 12:11 pm
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