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So Thank You Music Ginger Wheat

Name – So Thank You Music Ginger Wheat
Country – United States
Type – Herb/Spice Hefeweizen

It’s great having a local brewery.  And for the past almost 2 months I have been proud to call the Funky Buddha my local brewery.  Between the opening night and many visits since I have enjoyed a number of their brews.  But one thing was missing, a review on the site for any of the beers.  Well today we put an end to that.

After talking with Kevin and Ryan from the Buddha Monday night I figured I’d go in and pick up a growler of one of their brews and take it home to review.  They know full well how badly I want their Don’t Try Amber Ale again.  Unfortunately it is not currently on.  But alas they plan on brewing it again next week so I should have that baby in my possession again shortly.  I decided to go with one that I have had before and find it to be one of their more unique brews, So Thank You Music Ginger Wheat.

I poured it from the Funky Buddha 32 oz growler into my pilsner glass.  It arrived at the bottom a hazy golden color.  It has some orange type hues to it as well.  The head was thin, bubbly and white.  Unfortunately it was gone rather quickly.

The smell is unlike any beer I’ve ever had but very similar to a real craft made ginger ale soda.  You get tons of ginger in the nose and hints of lemongrass.  Seems pretty obvious to get those as they are exactly what are used to make the beer.

The taste is more of the same from the nose.  But I also get a little honey and orange in there.  Some hefe like yeast characteristics rounds this out.  It is also quite light in body.  The carbonation seemed a hint off from the last time I had it but not enough to be a big difference.

From the first time that I had this beer I have said that this beer will pair very well with most Asian cuisine, especially sushi.  That ginger and lemongrass is just so present and would make a lovely compliment to the meal.

I also love how much this reminds me of ginger ale.  I just love ginger ale while I know many people do not.  It just reminds them of times when they were sick as a kid and it was all their parents gave them to drink.  While my parents did that too I actually developed a love for the soft drink.  This beer just reminds me in so many aspects of it.

So next time your in South Florida, or Boca Raton specifically drop in to the Funky Buddha and have a beer.  If this one is on tap and you want to try something completely unique then have it.  Then if you like it get a growler to go.

Grade – A-

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