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Cigar City vs. Tampa City Council Update 3

Once again Lisa from Cigar City Magazine has a scoop on the situation with Cigar City’s potential lose of their tasting room.  And with this update there is some disturbing details.

Charlie Miranda’s office just called and confirmed Joey may not get wet-zoning, he needs Charlie’s vote, they did say however he may not have to go and speak again but maybe Charlie can listen to video from last request and vote..I feel really bad for Joey he has set up a great tasting room and now these people want to take it way, but I think Charlie will vote yes…FYI, I heard it from a good source that Gwen Miller voted NO because of Joe Redner Sr., Joey’s Dad… that’s just wrong, if that is true she should dismiss herself..KEEP CALLING (813) 274-7074 and insist Charlie vote yes!

Some talk yesterday wondered how much Joey Sr.’s reputation weighed on these council people when voting against Cigar City.  If Lisa’s source is correct then it may very well be true.  And if so that is absolutely ludicrous and she needs to be dismissed from the board.

So keep calling, keep writing, keep tweeting (#saveCCB is the hashtag) to help save Cigar City’s tasting room.

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