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Cigar City vs. Tampa City Council Update 2

Thanks to a comment on this very blog by Cigar City Magazine owner Lisa Figueredo it appears there is some hope for Cigar City.  Here is what Lisa states.

I just spoke to Charlie Miranda’s office and they say Charlie voted for the zoning last time, and did not have a problem with it, they are aware there has been no problems and cannot see why the three people on the council said NO, Charlie was in Cuba and they are waiting for his return to let him know about the vote…but they thought it was only for the extension of hours on Friday & Sat from 11 to midnight, either way I expressed my dislike on the 3 no votes, they also told me they are getting bombarded with emails…so keep it going.

So that is some good news as the missing council person appears to have been in favor of CCB in the past.

More information as it comes in.

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