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Name – Coton
Country – United States
Type – Old Ale

Patton Oswalt has a great bit where he talks about celebrating birthdays.  He doesn’t believe you should get to celebrate every birthday because not every age has some milestone.  But he does say you get to celebrate for the years between 1 and 10.  And Patton is a wise man so I take what he says quite seriously.  So with that in mind I have decided to celebrate with someone that is celebrating one of those said birthdays and that is one of my favorite breweries, The Bruery.

This year is the Bruery’s second birthday, so by Oswalt standards they can celebrate.  But you see the Bruery is the one giving the gifts instead of receiving them.  And this year they have gifted us with Coton.

Last year for their first birthday the young brewery brewed an old ale called Papier.  And this year they brewed the same recipe again but to make it different they blended it with some of the Papier that had been aging in bourbon barrels for the last year.  And they intend on doing this each year with brewing a new batch and blending it with the previous year aged in barrels.  So in theory getting a blended vertical each year.  Pretty cool huh?

Well let’s get down to the real reason for this article, Coton.

I poured it into my ever awesome Bruery tulip glass and it came out of the bottle a very dark red color.  There are some brown aspects to it but it is most certainly red.  The head is a sandy colored tan that didn’t stick around all that long.

Oh man there is so much going on in the nose here.  The first thing I pick up is raisins but there is also a strong vanilla presence as well.  You can find some oaky qualities but it doesn’t stand out that strongly.  Oh and you can definitely pick up the sweetness and booze of the bourbon in here.  While not overpowering it is present enough to remind you that it is there.

The first sip is incredible!  Everything from the nose is here in the taste.  Your raisins and other dark fruits blend beautifully with the oakiness that is more present in the taste than it was in the nose.  Sweet vanilla and bourbon give it a nice backing that doesn’t punch you in the face with booze but gives a nice warming effect.  I sometime forgot that this is a 14% beer.

So again the Bruery makes a beer to be proud of.  I’m so glad I have a second bottle of this that I intend on cellaring away for a while.  Hopefully I can fight the urge to have it again soon.

Happy Birthday Bruery!  Thank you for the awesome gift of Coton.  Keep doing what you guys do so well.

Grade – A

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