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Green Flash West Coast IPA

Name – Green Flash West Coast IPA
Country – United States
Type – American IPA

It’s strange that I’ve heard so much about Green Flash and even have sampled a number of their beers but I have never actually reviewed one for the site.  Well we are going to change that right now.

I going to having Kevin from Funky Buddha’s favorite single IPA, West Coast IPA.  He absolutely swears by this beer as incredible.  I have a lot of respect for Kevin so if he’s wrong on this I shall mock him to all ends of the earth.  And he doesn’t want that.

The beer pours out a hazy orange color into my pint glass with a good sized white head.  There is some nice lacing around the glass as the foam settles and we all know that’s a good thing.  So far Kevin, you’re safe.

Brilliant bold hop aroma on this one.  Grapefruit and slightly piney in those notes.  It smells so fresh.  Just stick your head in a bag of hops and there you go.

Gigantic hop taste.  Extremely resiny and piney but with some nice citrus character in there as well.  It is pretty bitter but in a good bitter way.  There is also a small enough malt backing to it to not make the hoppy presence overboard.

So does Kevin face a life of mockery from me or did he pick a winner?  Fortunately for Kevin he was the later.  This is an awesome single IPA.  Tons of hop presence but not over board.  Very light in body and easy to drink.  The 7.3% ABV does not make it a very sessionable IPA but I could definitely have a few of these in a night and not feel like a bowling ball is in my stomach.

Green Flash is not available in Florida but I say if you are able to get your hands on stuff from them then you absolutely have to pick this one up.  It is definitely one of the best IPAs out there.  Kevin said so and now I agree as well.

Grade – A

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