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Lord Chesterfield Ale

Name – Lord Chesterfield Ale
Country – United States
Type – American Pale Ale

Appearance – Pours a very clear orangish/yellow color.  There was a big fluffy white head but it was gone pretty quickly and didn’t leave much lacing.

Smell – The smell is mostly grainy and malty but you do pick up a slight hop profile there.

Taste – Pretty similar to the smell.  It is grainy and malty.  I hate saying the same thing but it really was.  Very clean and crisp.  Light in body.

Another one of the recent Yuengling additions to South Florida is the Lord Chesterfield Ale.  Funny story that when I went on the brewery trip in the Summer of 2008 the tour guide mentioned this is the only ale that Yuengling brews.  Umm did they forget about their yummy porter that they make?  Anyway this is a pretty light and easy drinking beer.  I found it very sessionable like most of the Yuengling line.  Plus being from PA I have a soft spot in my heart for them.

Overall Grade – C+

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