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Next to Final Warning: 2nd Anniversary Party This Saturday

So we are a little more than 24 hours away from the 2nd Anniversary Party at the Coffee District tomorrow.  So get yourself ready for a great night tomorrow.  Just a run down of some of the happenings.

  • The shindig starts at 6 pm EST (Just in case).  I know that may be early to start but we wanted to get a couple hours in before the open mic night starts.  We will continue going through the whole thing and pretty much stop when everyone just can’t go any longer.
  • There is a free raffle to where I will be drawing winners for one of five free tickets to Total Wine in Boynton Beach’s next beer class on Thursday June 24th.  Tickets will be available and just ask your bartender for one.  We will announce the winners around 9 pm EST (Again).
  • Two awesome Dogfish Head brews will be thrown on tap on Saturday night.  First being the summer seasonal Festina Peche and the second is the always amazing 90 Minute IPA.
  • Chung is allowing us to bring in outside bottles of brews that are not available in this area to share with the group and he is not charging any corking fees so please if you are bringing bottles make sure you tip the awesome staff there amazingly.  Melinda and AJ are great folks and they deserve your respect.  Take care of them and they will take care of you (professionally of course).

I look forward to the night and it should be loads of fun.  I already have over 20 people confirming with me that they are coming so it will be a blast.  I’m also working on a little speech to give during the open mic night.  Maybe I’ll be McKenna’d by then and you will all get a laugh at my expense.

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