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Brooklyn Dark Matter

Name – Brooklyn Dark Matter
Country – United States
Type – American Brown Ale

Appearance – Pours a very dark brown.  It looks black but if you hold it up to light you see it’s brown.  No head at all.

Smell – Vanilla and bourbon are the strongest point of the smell.

Taste – The bourbon is immediate and there pretty much throughout.  There is vanilla notes from the barrel and some sweet caramel along with some faint roasted malts.  Not much carbonation and a little syrupy.

Picked up a growler of the acclaimed Dark Matter at Vine and Barley in Pt. St. Lucie.  This is a brown ale aged in bourbon barrels.  The bourbon is very apparent but not overwhelming like I thought Black Ops was.  There wasn’t a lot of carbonation to begin with in it even when the growler was freshly opened on Monday.  I then finished it last night.  Definitely worth trying if you haven’t had it and can get it.  We don’t get any Brewmaster Series kegs down our way so we have to travel the hour or so to Vine and Barley.  They always get the Brewmaster lines in.

Overall Grade – B+

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  • Reply Rob aka Beer Drinker

    Hey Mike.

    I really want to try this considering all of the online beer geek hype. I think you and other locals will find this email I received this morning from Brooklyn Brewery’s local representative, Rich Nowak, interesting. Rich is a super guy and very informative, if you haven’t bumped into him anywhere.

    Hi Rob

    Hope all is well. Thought I’d reach out and mention that Burger & Beer Joint, 1766 Bay Road, South Beach is serving Brewmaster’s Reserve Series Brooklyn Dark Matter. Brooklyn Dark Matter is a strong brown ale aged for four months in Woodford Reserve bourbon barrels and Rittenhouse rye whiskey barrels. A sheet with the description of the beer is attached. The Brewmaster’s Reserve Series is a quarterly draught only release.

    April 14, 2010 at 8:42 am
    • Reply Mike

      I’ve heard Rich’s name lots of times but never had the pleasure of meeting him. But that is really good news. He must have bugged the crap out of Gold Coast to bring that in.

      April 14, 2010 at 8:46 am

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