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Palo Santo Marron

Name – Palo Santo Marron
Country – United States
Type – American Brown Ale

Appearance – Pours a jet black color that has some dark red hues here and there.  There is a small brown line of a head but it is gone pretty quickly.

Smell – An oaky and smokey smell mixed with some dark fruit, malts and a bit of the alcohol burn in the nose.

Taste – Sweet dark fruit and malts followed by the oaky flavor from the Palo Santo wood.  There is a vanilla like flavor in there as well and you can taste the 12% ABV but it’s not over powering.

I’ve had this numerous times before but never gave it a review.  Now I got a gallon growler of it at BX Beer Depot on Saturday so I have plenty of it.  It’s a wonderful sipping beer and maybe Brown Ale isn’t the best classification but that is actually what DFH themselves call it.  Sit down and enjoy one

Overall Grade – A

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