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Cigar City Hunahpu’s Release Details

Tampa’s own Cigar City has released the details for the March 12th release date of their Hunahpu’s Imperial Stout.  I had the honor of trying this at the Jupiter Craft Brew Festival last month and it was really good.  I don’t think I will be able to make this since it is on a Friday and about a 4 hour drive.  But some friends might be going so I might throw them some money to get me some.  Anyway here are the details and rules straight from Cigar City.

With March 12th quickly approaching I would like to update everyoneabout how the Hunahpu Release will be going down. it will be going downthusly:

The Beer:

Hunahpus will be sold in 25.4 ounce bottles (750ml).
There is a strict limit of 6 bottles per person during the first go around.
The beer will cost $20 per bottle which includes all taxes.
The beer will go on sale promptly at 7PM
The beer will be sold by sequential ticket number. meaning when your numberis called (via the PA system) you should make your way to the bottle booth as expeditiously as possible.

Tickets for Hunahpus are attainable at the brewery starting at 11 AM on March 12th and will be handed out until 7PM or they are all gone, whichever comes first. Once you have your ticket you do not have to stay at the brewery. You may leave and come back at 7PM. We want to eliminate standing in line as much as possible.

We will take credit cards for Hunahpus BUT only after all cash sales have been processed.So if you are ticket #1 and your number is called and you attempt to pay with a credit card, you will be skipped over and have to wait untilall cash buyers have purchased their beer. if your only method of payment is credit card we do apologize and we didn’t want to flatrefuse credit cards, but we also have to acknowledge the fact that credit card transactions just take longer in this setting. You will be able to use credit cards for all other purchases including pints, merchandise and growlers.

The Draft Lineup for the 12th:

We field this question literally everyday and we hate having to say “we can’t say yet,” but the fact is we can’t. There are some beers that might be ready by the 12th, but once you hint at them the expectation becomes that it will be a sure thing and sometimes the beer doesn’t want to cooperate with our schedule.

So on March 8th we will post to the blog a final, 100% locked down, no backing out, you can bank on it beer list for the Hunahpu Release. That being said we plan to have many of the things in our barrel room available on the 12th, at least on draft, if not for growler sales. The March 8th update will specify which beers will be available in growlers and which are draft only.

If you ask what will be on draft prior to the 8th we are happy to conjecture,but all you are getting is a guess. And along those conjecture lines we are trying to acquire kegs from other Florida breweries.

The Venue/Outside Beer/Where Can I Go Pee-pee:

Outside beer is ok and indeed encouraged, but if you intend to share witheveryone, bring extra tasting glasses or disposable cups. We won’t be able to provide 12 glasses every time someone opens a new bottle. Evenif they are sharing it with us and even if it is really good!

Both the old and new tasting rooms will be open as well as most of the brewery floor space. There are 8 taps in the new area, 8 taps in the old tasting area and an additional 6 faucets on the brewery side will be exclusively for growler fills. The growler line will be clearly marked.

There are 2 restrooms inside the brewery and they areclearly marked. There will also be three Port-o-Potty stations set up outside.

We do not have a kitchen so it is probably best toeat before you come. We will put on some light snacks at 6PM which will consist of Empanadas and mini-Cuban Sandwiches. They will be tasty.Ohhh so tasty and you will relish each tiny, delectable bite. But alas you will not be wholly sated and will likely still feel peckish, so eata good lunch/dinner before you come. Seriously you are looking a little thin anyway. Mangia!

Do not take your beer outside of the brewery/tasting room. We are not zoned for alcohol consumption outside of the brewery.If you take an open container outside of the brewery you hate the rule of law and are clearly working to undermine the bedrock of our civilization. Don’t destroy a thousand years of societal structure founded on the rule of law because you want to drink your beer while you smoke, urinate or do both. Someone likes you enough to watch your beer while you step outside for a moment. I suppose.

If you have other questions we have not addressed here please email


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  • Reply Michael Reinhardt

    I wish I could get some of their stuff. I only hear good stuff about the brew.

    February 26, 2010 at 3:06 pm
  • Reply Mike

    I live in the same state as them and we only started getting their stuff in December. And we don’t even get their full line of bottles. But when I went to PA they had plenty of bottles. haha But I’m told they will be getting more bottles down here this year.

    February 26, 2010 at 3:10 pm
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