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The Bruery is Coming to South Florida

The title pretty much says it, the Bruery is coming to South Florida.  And it’s probably a lot sooner than you think.  Thanks to the fine folks at Fresh Beer Inc. the Southern California brewery will be in Florida this week.  When the store nearest you ordered their’s will determine whether you see it on the shelves this week or next week but within a couple weeks you should be able to find them in Palm Beach, Broward and Dade counties.

Good news is that we are getting the full line of their regular brews along with the seasonals that aren’t actually sold at the brewery only (*cough*Black Tuesday*cough*).  This excites me because that means we will be getting Two Turtle Doves, which I have had a few times before.  I also had the chance to sample Saison Rue and White Orchard last week and can’t to try a few others.

I have been eagerly waiting for this arrival since I have heard about them.  If you are in South Florida and don’t know who they are then do pick them up when they get here and enjoy!

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