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Warmer Winter Winter Warmer

Name – Warmer Winter Winter Warmer
Country – United States
Type – Old Ale

Appearance – Poured a very dark red that is borderline brown with a big off white head.

Smell – Sweet candied sugar with some apple smells.  Slight alcohol scent.

Taste – You get dark fruits with that candied sugar taste, some caramel notes, apples and a slight citrus hop note or two in there.  You can definitely taste the alcohol especially as it warms up.

This is the first Cigar City brew that is officially being distributed in our area.  They will be bringing more of the line in time.  Their take on this winter warmer you could say is based off of living in a more tropical region of the world.  Being in Tampa, FL they don’t really get brutal winters so they their take on things.  If you like old ales definitely give it a try.  If you aren’t keen on them or are just getting started be careful, this can kick you in the grill.

Overall Grade – B

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  • Reply Phil

    I picked a bottle of this up in Tampa last weekend, looking forward to trying it as I am from the area.

    Not sure if you heard or not but they just tripled their capacity at Cigar City. They are now hoping to be able to sit on some inventory so they can spread further in the state. Starting to show up down here a bit!

    Good Review Mike, as always!

    December 30, 2009 at 2:08 pm
  • Reply Mike

    Thanks Phil. Yes I know they expanded and am very excited about it. They are starting to show up down here. This one is available in Total Wine and some other beer stores down here. By some time next year the other normal beers will be showing up. I can’t wait!

    December 30, 2009 at 2:14 pm
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