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Give the Gift of Beer

In case you don’t have a calendar or don’t travel outside near any places of business it is the holiday season.  And in the holiday season we seem to always seek out the best possible gifts and deals for our loved ones to see their faces just light up in joy when they receive it.  Well I’m going to help you out with picking out something for that special beer lover in your life this holiday season.

santasbuttA lot of people think of Santa and his elves when you mention Christmas and so does Ridgeway Brewing in England.  And why shouldn’t they?  They are in jolly ol’ England and Santa is a jolly ol’ soul.  Well the folks over at Ridgeway have a full line of winter brews that celebrate the big guy and his little pals with some nice tongue in cheek humor.  With names like Santa’s Butt, Reindeer’s Revolt and many grades of Bad Elf they are sure to make you smile with the name and the good brew you are drinking.  Ridgeway isn’t doing anything ground breaking here but much like most British breweries they stick to the basics with good solid examples of the individual styles.  I’ve been able to sample both Santa’s Butt, a nicely spiced porter, and Bad Elf, a spiced up IPA, and really enjoyed each.  Nice sized bottles make the Ridgeway Christmas brews a great stocking stuffer.  Don’t forget the ELF WARNING: Consumption of too much Winter’s Ale may be bad for your elf and may impair your ability to drive a sleigh or operate toy-making machinery.

canismajorNext up on the list of great things for the great beer lover is something that is not only good but an absolute steal in my opinion price wise.  Flying Dog recently won the Best Mid Sized Brewery in America at the last GABF in September and they offer a wide assortment of brew styles including making variety packs for those that want to sample a little bit of each.  Well one of such variety packs is their Canis Major pack.  The 8 pack includes two of each of their big beer including Gonzo Imperial Porter, Horn Dog Barley Wine, Double Dog DIPA and Kerberos Tripel.  I’ll admit that I originally tried Flying Dog for three reasons; the awesome names of the brews, Ralph Stedman artwork and a quote from Hunter S. Thompson.  Now I know those may not appeal to everyone so I offer you this reason to give them a try, the pack is only $9.99.  Yes around $10 for eight big beers by a highly regarded American craft brewery.  Now I have had the great pleasure of trying Gonzo Imperial Porter before and I must say that if you haven’t had it this pack alone should be a treat.  Now I know the price might be a little different from place to place, also depending on if you get Flying Dog, but I can assure you in South Florida that Total Wine has this pack for exactly that price.  Can you find anywhere else 8 big beers for that price?  Go on I’ll wait for you.  But until you do why don’t you place this under the tree, or next to the minora, for a loved one this season.

DeusNext I offer something that is a little pricey but hey it’s the holidays, indulge!  Typically when people celebrate they like to break out pretty much the same thing, Champagne.  Or as Christopher Walken says, ChampaGNA.  Yes this bottle of bubbly is the stereotypical drink of congratulations and sports teams winning big games all over the place but for you beer lovers there is a way to stay the same but be quite different.  DeuS out of Belguim is a Biere de Champagne, a sort of hybrid between beer and Champagne, and it is consistantly rated the highest of all others in this style.  While it is a little bit high in the price range, around $22, it is much cheaper in comparision to a top level actual Champagne.  Or you could even pick one up and save it for a more special occassion, way to make your loved ones feel special during the holidays!  I kid.  But this just reminds me of some Sam Calagione from Dogfish Head mentioned before, “Beer is an affordable luxery.”  So very true.  People that like to live luxerious with wine, Champagne, watches, cars, etc pay large amounts of money for the top of the line in those respective categories.  But with beer you can get a great beer that is considered one of the best in the world for it’s style for lump sums less.  Enjoying something good while saving money, who doesn’t love that?

I mean these are only a few ideas to get the suds fan you love these holidays.  Remember a lot of breweries make great winter beers to try here are just a few I recommend.

St. Bernardus Christmas
Delirium Noel
Anchor’s Our Special Ale
Sierra Nevada’s Celebration
Lost Coast’s Winterbraun
Rogue’s Santa’s Private Reserve

Or you can always go get them something they always enjoy and love.  Nothing makes the day like having one of your favorite brews with someone.  But go out there and be creative and I’m sure you will get your loved one something they will enjoy!

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  • Reply Simply Beer

    Good ideas, Mike!

    December 8, 2009 at 9:57 am
  • Reply Mike

    Thanks Pete. I forgot to give props to Ed Roberts at the local Total Wine for giving me the idea for this post and some of the items. Thanks Ed.

    December 8, 2009 at 10:10 am
  • Reply nate

    The great thing about being a beer geek is people know what to get you, and you don’t usually get bummer gifts.

    I say “Usually” because for my birthday on Sunday i got a bunch of great beers that I normally can’t afford, but one friend dropped off a case (24 pack cans) of miller lite. He works for the airport and they were throwing them out. I was a bit miffed, because I gave him a big sampler of my homebrew for his birthday.

    Anyway, i popped open a can. I had forgotten how watery macro beer is. I think they are lying about the alcohol content too.

    December 8, 2009 at 10:20 am
  • Reply Mike

    Happy Belated Birthday Nate. Mine is coming up on the 20th. I can add you to the never ending list of people I know with December birthdays. That kind of stinks to that he didn’t even buy that for you but it was a give away. Hopefully all the other gifts we better to where you enjoyed.

    December 8, 2009 at 10:54 am
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