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Shiva IPA

Name – Shiva IPA
Country – United States
Type – American IPA

Appearance – Pours a clear light orange color with a decent sized white head.

Smell – The smell was pretty hard to pick up but there was some citrus like hops; grapefruit and orange.

Taste – Big grapefruit hops to start with hints of orange and pineapple.  Finishes with a yeast or wheat like taste.

The second of two beers I was given from a couple friends that visited Asheville Brewing Company.  While the scent didn’t have a lot going on the taste more than made up for it.  I wouldn’t call it a hop bomb as I feel it’s pretty well rounded.  It had some unique qualities that I haven’t really experienced much from IPAs before and that made it enjoyable.

Overall Grade – B-

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