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Name – HopDevil
Country – United States
Type – American IPA

Appearance – Poured a clear darker red color with a good sized white head that laced the glass quite a bit.

Smell – Floral hops and some spices.  There is a bit of a malty smell to it as well.

Taste – Great balance of floral hops and sweet, caramel like malts.

The third of my initial pick up of Victory brews is HopDevil.  I went with this over the Hop Wallop at first to get an idea of what the normal IPA is like before going to the DIPA.  This was a really well balanced IPA with good hops and a very nice malt backing to it.  I know some people don’t like IPAs that the malts take a back seat in so this one should make those people happy.  So after three of Victory’s fine brews I can say I am definitely a fan and look forward to having more in the future.  Maybe even visit the brewery when I am visiting in PA in December.

Overall Grade – B

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