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Blanche De Chambly

Name – Blanche De Chambly
Country – Canada
Type – Witebier (White/Wheat)

Appearance – After pouring this in approved manner that the bottle states the color was a cloudy straw yellow with a frothy white head.

Smell – Beautiful mix of spices and citrus.  I could pick up lemon and orange peel.

Taste – The taste is pretty much the same as the smell with the spices and citrus notes.

My fellow beer blogger Danno has been recommending this one to me for quite some time and I finally remembered when I was at the store and saw it.  I really enjoyed this one and it is definitely one of the better white ales out there.   Just like most whites it would be perfect on a hot summer day, oddly it has been quite cold here in south Florida as of late but I didn’t let that stop me from enjoying it.

Overall Grade – B+

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